Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hard times in Haad Rin

Fully KO'd by the Full Moon Party, I finally arrive back in Baan Tai one dusty taxi-truck ride later at around 8.30am. My weary limbs are calling for my bed, but alas, not a chance as I have to pack and leave my room by 10am. Waaaaah!
I chuck my belongings into my bulging bags and lurch to reception to check out. The owner winces as I almost burn off his eyebrows with my vodka-fume death-breath and I attempt to stroll casually off in a straight-ish line towards the main road to hail a taxi...
Once in aforementioned taxi, I realise that I've left my iPhone charger hanging out of the wall in the bungalow and make him and the other passengers wait whilst I hot-foot it back to the room to retrieve it, casting one last dirty look over my shoulder at Morris the Miner as he wolf whistles furiously at full volume in my ear hole. I am a sweaty wreck by the time I return, and the alcohol buzz is turning into a headachy brain-fog instead. Arriving back in Haad Rin, I check into my pre-booked Friendly Hotel and am bemused to find it's anything but. A grotty flea pit of a room, whose door is full of holes and doesn't even close, let alone lock. Seething and exhausted, I kick-off slightly until I'm moved to a better room on the ground floor by the pool. The manager has the last laugh, however, as I crawl into bed just as they crank up the house music to ear-bleed proportions and I realise the 5ft speakers are practically on my balcony. Thank the Lord for earplugs, as now it's just a thousand decibels rather than ten thousand, but my teeth are still chattering in my head from the bass.
The Full Moon takes me a day and a half to completely recover from, until I eventually crawl from my pit like a hermit crab tentatively emerging from it's shell, and go in search of food. Feeling the energy return to my body is reassuring and one full-body Thai massage later and I'm brand new. There is still a full-scale clean-up operation going on on the beach following the party, with truckloads of buckets, odd flip-flops and beer bottles still being collected. The atmosphere is somber as the majority of the revellers have now deserted the island, and those that remain are still drying out. I have a quiet evening mooching around the town alone and resolve to take it easy from now on.
Unfortunately, the pull of the party is just too strong and I'm once again sucked into the vortex, this time Maya Party in the jungle...

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