Sunday, 3 August 2014


For my final day in Koh Phangan I attempt to relax, but it's as hot as an oven, my brain is fried and my insides are churning...not the most pleasant combination. I bump into Will, who I ended the previous night chatting to on the beach and he is equally hanging: he's not so much Will.I.Am today as Well.I.Ain' we give up on sunbathing and head to our respective rooms to sweat it out and wind ourselves in our bedsheets in a vain attempt to regain full health.
Feeling better later on, I once again head out alone. This time I decide to stick to Fanta, and it's amazing how detached I feel, watching the night's events unfold as a spectator rather than the ringleader. This place is definitely not the one for anyone wanting anything other than alcohol-fuelled partying, so I turn it in early for once, in bed before 1am! (for the first time since I arrived), ready for the ferry to the much more chilled island of Koh Tao in the morning, where I have already lined up some German buddies I met online to show me around and find me a place to stay. Good skills, huh?!

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